CDC Offers Information on COVID-19 and Older Adults

What seniors and families should know about the coronavirus pandemic.

10 Ways to Manage Respiratory Symptoms at Home

Information from the CDC on what people should do if they develop symptoms of coronavirus illness.

Senior Nutrition Program

The Nutrition program for older persons and the Nutrition Services Incentive Program (NSIP) support home and community-based nutrition services for older adults.

Solving the Mysteries of Sleep

Counting sheep? While you’re at it, count the health benefits of sleep!

Experts: The Opioid Crisis is Harming Older Adults

Some seniors are having trouble getting the medications they need. Others have substance abuse problems. Still others are affected by drug addiction of family members. The NCOA sheds light on the issues.

Aging & Caregiving in the News

The upside of gossip, the downside of smartphones, a call for more help for family caregivers.

Cooking Corner

Check out this delicious recipe for Carolina-Style Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken!