Valentine's Day Is February 14

Treat yourself to a movie date night in the home with your loved one

Seniors on the couch watching a movie

As Valentine's Day approaches, as marked by the outgoing of holiday decorations and the incoming of pink hearts and heart-shaped chocolate boxes, many will be making plans to spend the weekend with their significant others, family and friends. This day is celebrated in many ways, but one of the most popular ways is to celebrate with dinner and a movie.

In a happy twist, more recent romantic comedies have featured senior citizens as the leads. Check out favorites such as Something's Gotta Give, The Big Wedding, As Good As it Gets and And So it Goes.

If watching a movie is not really your thing, here are some other ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with the senior in your life.

  • Create some homemade Valentines decorations to hang around your living space
  • Have a meal potluck style with close family or friends
  • Make sweet treats. Read on to find recipes for chocolate-covered pretzels and fruit kebabs!