Wordfind: 20 Ingredients for Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month! What does "healthy aging" really mean? Does it mean living to age 100 without experiencing health problems? Preserving our total independence right up until the end?

Healthy Aging wordfind puzzle

Experts today say that "healthy aging" not only means staving off disease, but also managing it. With the right support, seniors can manage health challenges successfully and continue to live a meaningful life. Millions of older adults today report a good quality of life even as they are living with arthritis, heart disease, vision loss, memory problems and other chronic conditions.

That's not to say that healthy aging is random. Seniors, their families, our healthcare system and communities can take steps to increase the odds that older adults will thrive. Find some of these factors in the "20 Ingredients for Healthy Aging" wordfind! Click here to download your copy of the puzzle.

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To read more about today's updated view of "healthy aging," check out this recent article that was published in STAT. 

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