Medicare Minute with Wuzzles


Give your brain a workout with these four word puzzles, all having to do with Medicare! (Answers are below.)


Out of pocket


Low income



Part D


#1: Out of Pocket Costs. Out-of-pocket costs are health or prescription drug costs that Medicare recipients must pay on their own because they do not have Medicare or other insurance to cover the cost for them.

#2: Low Income. People with a low income may be eligible for low-income subsidy (also called "Extra Help") available under the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. In addition, Medicare Savings Programs help people with limited incomes and resources to pay Medicare premiums.

#3: Inpatient. Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) covers hospital services, inpatient care in hospital, skilled nursing facility care, hospice care and home health care.

#4: Part D. Part D is prescription drug coverage. This helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.

Source: CMS National Training Program (NTP), 2019