SHIP Talk: State Health Insurance Program


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The Kentucky State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides information, counseling and assistance to seniors and disabled individuals, their families and caregivers. This service is provided at no charge by local, well-trained counselors. KIPDA is home to the SHIP program for the KIPDA Region. At the KIPDA office all Social Service staff complete SHIP training hours to become a SHIP counselor.

The purpose of the SHIP program is to educate the general public and Medicare beneficiaries so they are better able to make informed decisions about their health care. SHIP does not sell any health insurance products.

When you call to speak with a SHIP counselor you can expect to get information on benefits, answers to general questions and much more. Mark your calendars now for 2020 open enrollment October 15 – December 7. Contact KIPDA for more assistance.