How to Stay Cool Over Summer Months


beat the heat

As the temperatures start climbing, so will the risk for heat-related illness. According to the CDC, most heat-related deaths occur between May and September, with the most deaths occurring in the months of July and August. Seniors and children are the most vulnerable groups to experience some type of heat related illness.  Below are some tips to remain safe over the summer.

Limit Your Time Outdoors.

  • While outdoors wear and reapply sunscreen 30 SPF
  • Wear loose fitting clothes

Stay Hydrated

  • Drink plenty of fluids (mostly water)
  • Avoid sugary drinks, as this can cause dehydration

Stay in Cool Places

  • If you don't have air conditioning or fans, go to local libraries or shopping malls to stay cool

Check on Others

  • If someone you know does not have air or fans, do they need help cooling off?
  • Are they drinking enough fluids?
  • Seniors and children are most at risk for heat related illnesses.