We Exist to Serve Our Community


A message from Barbara Gordon, Director of Social Services Program at KIPDA

Often, I encounter citizens of the KIPDA Region who are not aware of all the programs, services, and assistance provided through the Division of Social Services at KIPDA (Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency). I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you, briefly, who we are and what we do in the Division of Social Services.  It is important that you know.

Barbara Gordon

KIPDA Director of Social Services Barbara Gordon

The Division of Social Services at KIPDA serves the KIPDA Region in many capacities. Our primary goal is exemplified through our mission: "…to promote and ensure meaningful, timely person-centered services are available for all seniors, persons with disabilities, and caregivers to improve their health, safety and overall well-being, and to provide leadership to the aging network through planning and coordination." This mission is accomplished daily as staff in the Division and our network of organizations and agencies provide a variety of services and supports to persons living in the region ranging in age from birth to death. We hope to help people live comfortably and effectively in the community and environment of their choice for as long as possible.

KIPDA's Division of Social Services serves as the designated Area Agency on Aging and Independent Living, and Aging and Disability Resource Center for seven counties in Kentucky (KIPDA's region consists of nine counties in total, including two in Indiana. The Division of Social Services only serves the Kentucky counties.) The counties served by the Division are Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Trimble.  In this capacity, KIPDA has staff who serve as Planners, Case Managers, and ADRC Specialists, providing a variety of direct services, including, information, assistance, referral, intake, assessment, case management, and direct care services to persons who have been deemed eligible for the many programs provided.

Staff also participate in planning and development activities, partnerships and collaborations, and more on behalf of the citizens of the region, striving to develop a network of community based services and supports designed to impact quality of life and to help people to live comfortably in their communities for as long as possible. KIPDA's Division of Social Services also serves as an Assister Agency helping people to access health insurance; and as a Waiver Provider, serving as case managers and service advisors for both traditional and participant directed services for the Home and Community Based Services, and Michelle P Waivers.

Although the information above provides a brief overview of the primary programs, services, and activities the Division is involved in, the most important thing to note is that we strive daily to serve our community; and, it is important for you to know that we are here to serve you. I have worked in human and social services for almost forty years. It has been an honor and privilege to serve my KIPDA community. It is my hope that we will continue to serve you at the highest level.

To learn more about KIPDA's Division of Social Services please check us out on the KIPDA Facebook page, at www.kipda.org; or by contacting our ADRC at 502-266-5571.