Traveling over 60

Spend the warmer months traveling and taking in the sights and seeing new places you haven’t seen before. Here are some ideas on ways to travel and to meet every budget while doing it.  

  • Take a Roadtrip: A roadtrip can be taken on the open road with a few friends who split the cost of a rental car and hotel stay. This will allow for splitting of cost and seeing multiple places at once.
  • Take a Cruise: Slow down a take in the sights the old fashion way.  Take a cruise and get the opportunity to see various ports of call on one trip.
  • Take a Multi-generational trip: have a trip with the grandchildren, children and other family members to bond and make lasting memories.

The CDC offeror’s other travel suggestions for seniors

  • Be sure all vaccines are up to date
  • Speak with your doctor about where you plan to travel and any medications you should take to prevent other travel induced illnesses.
  • Injury Prevention CDC suggest travelers don’t ride on small local planes, don’t travel after dark and wear seatbelts at all times.
  • Top Travel Destinations Include:
  • National Parks: Adventure , Road Trips
  • The Caribbean: Relaxation
  • Alaska: Adventure
  • Central Europe: Relaxation
  • Canadian Rockies: Adventure
  • Thailand : Budget friendly
  • South Africa : Budget friendly

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