What Can the Aging and Disability Resource Center Do for You?


The KIPDA Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) operates as a “One Stop Shop” resource for all incoming callers and walk-in alike to receive referrals, phone numbers and any other resources to meet the client’s needs . The ADRC staff complete the intakes for many of the KIPDA programs. Including the following programs:

Medicaid Waiver Program which allows for clients to have services provided to them in their homes rather than a long-term care setting

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program which allows the supplemental and supportive services for those with primary responsibility of raising their grandchildren.

In home Services program with ADRC staff screen individuals 60 and over who are in need of services in their home to remain independent.

ADRC staff takes 100’of calls each day of individual seeking help to care for their loved ones and the ADRC staffs are daily advocates.

For more information on the KIPDA services contact the ADRC directly at 502-266-5571.