Senior Nutrition: What's On The Menu?

A happy, smiling man and woman senior African American couple eating healthy food at a picnic table outside

The KIPDA Senior Nutrition provider network funds meals for persons 60 years of age and older and any disabled children living in the same household.  KIPDA’s nutrition meal program serves Trimble, Spencer, Bullitt, Shelby, Oldham, Henry and Jefferson Counties. KIPDA’s nutrition program is funded through the federal Older Americans Act Title III-C and state home care funding.  Currently, there are not any income guidelines for Home Delivered Meals and all meals are free of charge.

Many seniors in the KIPDA region can also take advantage of the meal and fellowship of congregate meals. These congregate meals are provided at but not limited to community Senior Centers. Meals are offered Monday-Friday and also provide nutrition information along with other activities that may take place at the center.

Home Delivered meals require the same age verification the hot meals will be delivered by volunteers on Monday-Friday and some meals delivered are frozen for participants.

For more information on the KIPDA nutrition services, contact KIPDA at (502) 266-5571.

Here are some healthy eating suggestions for people age 65 +

  • Drink Plenty Fluids. Mostly water Low-fat or 100% Fruit Juice
  • Make Eating Social!  Eat with church groups, Friends and Family
  • Plan Healthy Meals. Get advice from online resources
  • Know how much to eat. Control your portion size.
  • Mix Up Your Veggies. Eat a rainbow of veggies to brighten your meal
  • Eat for Oral Health.  Eat softer foods that don’t hurt your teeth or gums
  • Spice it Up.  Add spices and herbs to make meals more flavorful
  • Practice Food Safety. Trash unsafe foods
  • Read Nutrition Labels.  Labels ensure you’re getting nutrients you need and avoid ones you don’t.
  • Talk to you doctor. Your doctor may suggest dietary supplements for added nutrients.

For more information on healthy eating suggestions check the National Institute on Aging and for recipes and to read more details on eating after 65.