Spring Forward and Get Refocused on Reaching Your Goals!

Group of seniors walking together outside.

As the months have passed and we have moved further away from our New Year’s resolutions, winter is coming to a close and spring is the perfect time to become reenergized about your goals.  


The clock is running out on winter, which means spring is the perfect time to get outdoors and get moving!

  • Join a gym.
  • Start/join a walking club.
  • Try a new fitness class.
  • Check out Silver Sneakers for more information on gyms and fitness classes.

Check with your local community center or gym to see what classes are offered.

Along with moving more, many make plans to make better eating choices. Often, we make strict eating changes that are too costly or too strict to adhere to, which can derail our goals. Instead, try making more balanced meal planning choices that leave you feeling satisfied.


  • Eat unhealthy meals in moderation
  • Swap out the fries and shake for apple slices and water.
  • Cook at home more.
  • Make meals more colorful.


The spring time is the perfect time to get out and get moving, try new recipes and to get more social! Meet up with friends and get talking. According to Senior Net, social media is a great place for seniors to find entertainment and to stay connected with friends. If social media is not your thing, try planning a face-to-face outing.   

Here are some tips on ways to get social:

  • Create a social media profile. If you already have a social media profile, search for more friends to connect with. Update pictures of friends and family on your profile.
  • Join with a local senior center or local library for more activities that engage face-to-face contact.

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