Vita Sites: Tax Help for Seniors

Senior African American couple meeting with financial adviser discussing documents

As the tax season approaches, many will need help filing taxes. In the Louisville Metro area, the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) sites program can assist. These tax prep services are offered  free of charge or at very low cost through the Louisville Asset Building Coalition. Additionally, the AARP offers tax prep services to seniors in the community and other surrounding counties. Contact 502-394-3443 to find a tax prep site near you, or visit one of the locations listed below.

VITA Tax Prep Sites:

  1. Americana Community Center
    4801 Southside Drive
    Th: 5:30pm–8:30pm
    Sat: 9am–3pm
    *Call 502-366-7813
  2. Bates Community Development
    1128 Jackson Street
    M: noon–7pm
    Th: 10am-4pm
    Sat: 10am–3pm
    **Walk-ins welcome
  3. Edison Center
    701 W. Ormsby Avenue, Ste. 201
    M, W: 9am–1pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
  4. First Neighborhood Place
    1503 Rangeland Road
    Tu, Th: 9am–1pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
  5. Louisville Urban League
    1535 W. Broadway
    M, Tu, W, Th: noon–8pm
    Sat: 10am–4pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
  6. Nia Center
    2900 W. Broadway
    Tu, Th: 1pm–5pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
  7. Portland Promise Center
    1831 Baird Street
    F: 7pm–9:30pm
    Sat: 9am–3pm
    Sun: 3pm–7pm
    *Walk-ins welcome
  8. Salt and Light Community Development
    3025 Gerald Drive
    M, Tu, W: 6pm–9pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
  9. Sun Valley Community Center
    6505 Bethany Lane
    Tu, Th: 10am–7pm
    W: 10am–4pm
    Sat: 10am–2pm
    *Call 502-305-0005
    **Walk-ins welcome
  10. United Crescent Hill Ministries
    150 State Street
    F: 10am–4pm
    *Call 502-574-3908
  11. Bridges of Hope Neighborhood Place
    1411 Algonquin Parkway
    M, W, F: 10am–4pm
    *Walk-ins welcome
  12. Wesley House Community Services
    5114 Preston Highway
    (Mobile Site Only)
    Please call 502-305-0005 for dates or to make an appointment.

*Site is by appointment only. Please call the number listed with the site.

**Walk-ins are welcome.

All appointment lines opened on January 17.