Caregivers Corner: Quick Tips for Caring for Seniors over the Holiday Season

Family Activities to Keep the Holidays Merry!

We can help keep our senior loved ones from being part of the statistics by helping them fight off depression over the holidays.

  1. Revisit! While the family is together, bring out old family movies and photo albums. Tell stories about the good times and talk about the loved ones who have been lost. Have conversations and storytelling to turn the sad memories into fun memories. Honor the family and the memories instead of letting those thoughts of loss creep into the forefront.
  2. Play the classic movies and music!  Favorite music and classic movies during the holiday season when the family is together and when your senior may be alone to bring smiles.
  3. Keep seniors busy! Find fun things to do to. Bake cookies, take a nature walk, write holiday cards and notes, play a game, visit a museum, go to a local event like a parade or church choir. Don’t leave them out of any activity, no matter how boring.
  4. Set up Video Chat! Call family members who can’t visit for the holidays so that seniors can have the opportunity to speak face-to-face.

Lastly, if you feel your efforts on keeping seniors engaged, busy and uplifted are not improving their mood and mental outlook, you may want to visit their doctor or speak to a professional counselor or religious adviser. They may need more intervention than you and the family can provide to help them through a trying time.

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