FLOURISH: A Share-Care Approach to Healthcare

KIPDA is part of a 3-year Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) funded initiative, nationally recognized as the Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP). The University of Louisville’s Institute for Sustainable Health and Optimal Aging is the main grantee on this program, but KIPDA sub-contracts with the Institute to provide valuable services and consultation. Part of the GWEP implementation in this region includes the creation and piloting of the Flourish program.

The Flourish model applies a “shared care” approach to healthcare through education, partnerships, and support for patients, physicians, and healthcare employees. So, what does that mean? Flourish clients get assigned to a healthcare navigator who works to connect their physical health services to their mental health and social services. Since our system is so fragmented, the navigator helps the client coordinate their services in a way that serves the whole person. Students in healthcare including nurses and physicians, pharmacists, social workers, dentists, are trained on this model and the value of inter-disciplinary work on behalf of the patient. The team working with the patient includes a community health navigator and community organizer along with the healthcare team and community organizations working to assure the patient is not only receiving competent and quality health care but that all social determinants of health are addressed too. The result in this model is better health outcomes for the patient and a decrease in cost for the healthcare system.

We are also involved in the educational component of this grant, which has worked to develop online modules and in person “case management” sessions where interdisciplinary teams work on a complex healthcare case together. KIPDA staff help in the development and facilitation of this component and have been able to educate students across several different disciplines on the role of the aging network.

Current counties served by the program include Bullitt, Spencer, Jefferson, Henry, Trimble, and Shelby Counties. There are currently 50 clients enrolled in the program and the results so far have shown promising improvements in their health. Clients have also been connected to several KIPDA services, including transportation, home care, and caregiver support services.

Flourish assists in creating communities that encourage a shared-care approach to healthcare that through education, partnerships, and support for patients, physicians, and healthcare employees.

This model focuses on three areas:

To Learn More check out www.optimalaginginstitute.org/Flourish or via phone at 502-852-5629 to learn more!

Source: Kentuckiana Regional Planning & Development Agency (KIPDA)