What is the EngAGE Arts Program?

EngAGE Arts is a program funded through Fund for the Arts designed to connect veterans and high school students to build community and learn from each other while participating in art experiences. Artists at each venue will run engaging programs and introduce participants to the arts through observation, participation, and interaction.

Who Can Participate?
All veterans ages 50 and older, after completing a background check, are invited to participate.

Do I need to know anything about art?
No. All of the programs are designed to be fun and interactive, regardless of your art experience. The program is focused on building connection between veterans and students by using the arts as a tool to break down barriers.

How big are the groups?
You will be in part of a group that includes 6 veterans and 6 high school students. While you will interact with everyone in your group, you will be paired for most activities with one other veteran and two high school students.

What is the time commitment?
One afternoon each week for 7 weeks 3:00-4:30 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays

I couldn't participate this Spring but am interested in the program. Will there be more programming in the future?
Yes! We will offer EngAGE Arts again in the summer and fall of 2017. Please contact us now so we can let you know when we begin recruitment for the next round of programs.

I don’t drive. Is transportation available?
Yes! If you are in need of transportation assistance to participate in the program, please let us know.

Where will I participate and what will I be doing?
You will participate at one of three art venues in Louisville. More information about each art venue and the program at that site are listed below: