National Nutrition Month®: Put Your Best Fork Forward

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This year's theme "Put Your Best Fork Forward" reminds everyone that each bite counts. Making just small changes in our food choices can add up over time. So now is the time to make some small changes to help improve your overall health in a bid way.   

Add Some of These Tips to Your Everyday Habits ...

  • It doesn't have to be complicated.
    Start by making healthier food and beverage choices. Drink water in place of soft drinks, 1% milk in place of whole milk, and fruit as dessert. Try to reduce fried foods.  
  • Think Nutrients instead of "good" or "bad" foods.
    Food should be packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. If you can't name one nutrient in the food you are about to eat, you may want to avoid it.  
  • Focus on Variety.
    Make a point to get different colors of fruits and vegetables and different types of protein rich foods; otherwise you miss out on vitamins and minerals your body needs.
  • Know your fats.
    Look for foods low in saturated fats and Trans fats to help reduce your risk for heart disease.  
  • Read Food Labels.
    Reading food labels will help you make smart choices ... and make a big impact.
    • Start with the Serving Size ... look for one serving and servings in the box.
    • Check out the Total Calories and Fat ... Find out how many calories are in one serving and the calories that come from fat.\
    • Total Carbohydrate ... look for all the carbohydrates rather than just the sugar, "sugar free" doesn't mean carbohydrate free.  It can still make your blood sugar increase.      

Need more reliable nutrition information? Visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website at

National Nutrition Month campaign is sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.